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Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam announced that Vitenamese technicians had recently won a global industrial competition in Korea. The competition involved entries from Doosan Heavy Industries seven worldwide production sites and to honor and welcome the winning team home a cermony was held at the companys 110 hectarce high tech manufacturing complex in Quang Ngai.


This is a significant event because Vietnamese industrial skills were pitted against much more experienced and senior operations from around the world, and we won! Said a spokesperson who went on to say, Doosans Vietnamese operation has only been in production for a little more than three years and winning the competion is certanily a testimony to the skill and expertise of the Vietnamese workforce.    

The twelve members of the Panel Fabrication One Team of the Boiler Division were given a heroes welcome and honored by the Board of Management and the entire staff of the Boiler division with speeches, banners, flowers, a three day victory tour of Vietnam and a party with a special cake made in thier honor.

The winning Vietnamese entries were a chamfering tool and mini crane that the team created to help overcome some production issues in the manufacture of the high tech boilers which are the heart of a modern power plant.


The new chamfering tool & mini crane helped save nearly 2,000 man hours and 1,000 hours of crane time on the MD II boiler being fabricated by Doosan Vina and these innovations will continue to be time savers on all future Boiler projects.

"The victory at the Doosan-wide Keson Contest was really an unforgettable experience. It is remarkable that in three years Doosan Vinas innovation is comparable to that of our parent companies 30-year history, I am flying high, because after all the research and testing, we succeeded and have shown the exceptional creativity of Vietnamese workers, Chief Worker, Phan Thanh Phat said


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