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OEL Singapore launches Vietnam loop connecting Singapore and Malaysia

4/4/2014 8:40:25 AM

ORIENT Express Lines (OEL) Singapore has announced the commencement of its SVS service (Straits Vietnam Straits) from April 8.

The service will be jointly operated by OEL and Yang Ming Marine Transport (YM), each contributing one 1,800-TEU ship. Both vessels are on a fixed day schedule, calling at Hai Phong (Thursday), Ho Chi Minh (Monday), Singapore (Thursday) and Port Kelang (Friday).

This new venture would expand OEL network in the southeast Asia region, and onward into South China.

OEL Singapore is based in Singapore and operates common carrier feeder services connecting Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka ports to the west and east coast of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.

OEL also serves shipments to west Asia/Arabian Gulf via Colombo and Jebel Ali through long-term slot charter arrangements with mainline operators.

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