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DB SCHENKER Norway is expanding its train solution in combination with trucks connecting Oslo faster to the north of the Arctic Circle by increasing its North Rail Express to fives times a week from February.

North Rail Express runs from the Alnabru terminal in Osloto Narvik through Sweden

, taking 26 hours to cover 1,960 kilometres, faster than the truck journey. 

The service will offer three additional trains per week to meet customer demand. It provides a new truck connection to the Finnmark region via a terminal stop in Kiruna, linking it to the rail solution.

"This should be good news for the industry as a whole and in particular for export companies in the seafood market," said Schenker CEO Michael Holmstrom. "The connection will cut more than a day off transport times for shipments to and from the Finnmark region."

DB Schenker will offer a new truck service to the northern Norwegian towns of Alta and Kirkenes via Kiruna in


. It will take the trucks some nine hours to make the 450 kilometre trip to Alta, and some 13 hours to cover the 750 kilometres to Kirkenes.

The 600-metre train has a total capacity of 1,600 tons and travels at 75 kph on average.

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